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Ukraine and Democracy

Well, I have to say that we live in an age of miracles. I never thought I would live to see the day when a Soviet satellite state showed a more active democratic process than the USA. But that day was yesterday. Tens of thousands of Ukrainians poured out into the winter weather to protest their crooked election. Today the government folded in the face of the peoples wishes. In America we have just witnessed an election that was demonstrably more crooked, a farce that has more hard evidence of vote tampering popping up everyday. Where is the outrage? Even the Democratic opponent, the ardent voice of the people, had almost immediately caved in the face of massive manufactured public consent. The national media refuse to take the possiblility of vote fraud seriously in spite of evidence. Why? Because almost no Americans care enough to even stand up and express outrage. We are a nation of slowly cooking frogs who cannot grasp big movements, only the difference between today and yesterday. I have heard American described as "a grand experiment in Democracy". Well, I think we see how this particular experiment is going to end. Voluntary ignorance and smug sloth have doomed every other human empire, it was hubris to think America was any different. It was nice while it lasted. Now we just have to watch the big ship slowly disintegrate amid shouts of anger and panic, explosions and wretched tearing apart of vital mechanisms. It will be a sad show, bring a hanky.
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